Bar Side Menu


Frito Misto $7  Fried veggies with ginger soy sauce

House made Hummus $7  Drugstore pita, carrots, cucumber

Hand Cut Fries $6  Made in the traditional 3 day method served with mayonnaise, curry aioli, chipotle aioli, or ketchup

Barham Farm Duck Wontons Foraged pear butter sweet and sour sauce $7

Campo Lindo Hot Wings $7 Dipped in house hot pepper jerk sauce, served with celery and choice of buttermilk or blue cheese

Basket of Our House Made Bread with Shatto Butter $5

Olive Bowl $6 mixed olives and marinated peppers with house made potato chips

Drugstore Herbed Cheese Spread $8 House made crackers, crostinis, carrots, celery


Pork Soup $12 Heritage pork, white beans, kale, turnips, potatoes, grilled homemade bread, Shatto cheese

Duck Fat Preserved Chicken Gizzards $10 Peppercorn buttermilk dressing, cured, breaded and fried Barham Farm chicken gizzards, mixed greens, shaved radish, fresh parsley

Campo Lindo Chicken Salad $13 (breaded here or grilled) Choice of dressing - Add House Cured Berkshire Bacon - $2 Add boiled Campo Lindo Egg – $1.50 Add Spicy Wing Sauce - $1

Mixed Greens Side Salad $3.50 Cucumber, radish, carrot – choice of house made dressing - Maytag Blue Cheese, Ginger Soy, White Wine Shallot, or Buttermilk

Pecan and Apple Salad $7 Lacquered pecans, ginger carrot, apple, apple cracklin’s, mixed greens, white wine shallot vinaigrette

Campo Lindo Chicken Salad $13 Add House Cured Berkshire Bacon - $2 Add boiled Campo Lindo Egg – $1.50 Add Spicy Wing Sauce - $1

Kale Salad $8 Kale, shaved brussels sprout, dried cherries, spicy pecans, turmeric pickled onion, sun flower seeds,  lemon vinaigrette


Campo Lindo Chicken Strips and Fries $13 (full breast breaded here or grilled) Add Spicy Wing Sauce - $1


*Sandwiches and Burgers (include choice of fries, slaw or side salad)*

 Eastside Reuben $10.50 Pastrami, house made sauerkraut, Russian dressing, Shatto cheese, rye bread

Campo Lindo Chicken Sandwich $10 Add Spicy Wing Sauce - $1

Loose Meat Sandwich $10.50 Chopped steak, Shatto cheese, grilled onions, horseradish/Dijon dressed romaine

House Ground Barham Farms Beef Burger $10.50

House Made Veggie Patty $9

All burgers ground on the premises

-lettuce, onion and one house made condiment included add 15¢ each for our handcrafted condiments: mayonnaise, ketchup, Dijon, spicy mustard, curry aioli, chipotle aioli, (25¢ for pickles, pickled jalapenos, or cucumber slices)

Want to fix up your burger, chicken sandwich or veggie patty?

-add $2 for House Cured Berkshire Bacon

-add Choice of Cheese – $1.50

Blue Cheese, Cheese Spread, Shatto Cheese, Drugstore ‘American’

-add .50¢ Grilled Onions

-add Grilled Mushrooms - $2

-add Fried Campo Lindo Egg - $1.50



Skirt Steak Frites $20 Parsley garlic sauce, French fries, mixed greens with mustard vinaigrette

Campo Lindo Fried Chicken $18 Chive mashed potatoes, sage gravy, kale

Campo Lindo Crispy Chicken Leg $18 Risotto, grilled veggies

Shepherd’s Pie $15 House ground Barham Farms beef, root vegetable medley, rustic mashed potatoes

Berkshire Pork Shoulder Medallions $18 Creamy polenta, MO black walnut dressed arugula, pork jus

Blackened Catfish $20 MO rice risotto, spicy creole sauce, collard greens with Drugstore bacon

Braised Oxtail $18 Roasted vegetables, cooked winter greens, creamy polenta

Vegetable Risotto $12 Missouri rice, seasonal vegetables

Kids Campo Lindo Chicken Strips and Fries $7