First Course

Broccoli Rice Potato Chip Casserole Tribute $15

Rillette of Barham Farms duck, broccoli/Shatto Dairy 'Plattsburg' risotto, sunchoke vinaigrette dressed fennel fronds/parsley, potato straw nest

suggested wine pairing – Domaine des Chazelles Viré-Clessé Chardonnay

Hybrid Striper Bass Crudo $25**

lemongrass compressed pear, lemon vinaigrette, kale acting like seaweed with powders of fermented cabbage and sweet potato, emulsion of pear, ginger, lemongrass

 suggested wine pairing – Sans Liege “Groundwork” Grenache Blanc

 Pasta $13

house made duck egg pasta, butternut squash strands, arugula pesto, pickled shallot,

maple smoked apple, butternut squash purée

suggested wine pairing – Domaine des Chazelles Viré-Clessé Chardonnay

 Smoked Bass and Egg on Brioche $15

Freshwater bass, green onion, celery, potato, house made brioche toast, soft Campo Lindo egg, Shatto “Plattsburg” cheese gels
suggested wine pairing – Ramey Chardonnay


 Farmer’s Platter $24 (for 2 people) or $40 (for 4)

house made sausage, house smoked Berkshire bacon, bone marrow, wild persimmon seed rabbit terrine, pickled and grilled vegetables, fried pig skins, house herbed cheese spread
suggested wine pairing – Sans Liege “Groundwork” Grenache Blanc

** gluten free

Second Course


Bacon Wrapped Livers $14

milk cured chicken livers, lemon dressed kale, crispy onion strips, savory crème anglaise

Suggested wine pairing - Gustave Lorentz Gewürztraminer Reserve

Goat Cheese Salad $10

chamomile vinaigrette, arugula, goat cheese, crispy parsnip, pearl onion

suggested wine pairing – Revelry Riesling 

Drugstore Headcheese $14

house made pork jowl head cheese, root vegetable purée, chard, dill, scallions, butternut squash beignets

suggested wine pairing – Gustave Lorentz Gewurztraminer Reserve

Horseradish Blue $12**

arugula, parsley, mustard/horseradish, blue cheese, tomato gelée, crispy new potatoes, potato glass, caramelized white chocolate

suggested wine pairing – Vietti Moscato D’Asti

 Missouri ‘Caesar’ $14

charred romaine, cured Westover Farms trout (acting like anchovy) dressing, catfish ‘croutons’, Shatto ‘Lily’ cheese

suggested wine pairing – Vino Rosé

 Squash Salad $12**

hops vinaigrette, curly endive, soy barley, fermented green peppers, malt syrup, sunflower tuille, carrots, yeast

suggested wine pairing – Masera Gavi



**gluten free


Third Course

Vegetable Risotto with Shaved Shatto "Lily" Cheese $16 **

changes seasonally

suggested wine pairing –  Vincent Mothe Chablis

 Berkshire Pork 2 Ways v.21 $36

Dandelion wine/persimmon glazed chop, grilled onion/ charred carrot purée, rich stock cooked celery root and rutabaga, bacon blackened Brussels sprout leaves

suggested wine pairing – Albert Bichot Pinot Noir

Hi Ho Farm Rack of Lamb $44

Wild Chicory root dusted, fenugreek/garlic cream sauce, ginger/garlic mustard greens,

Red onion pickled blueberry scented pear, persimmon smoked hickory nuts

suggested wine pairing – Marchesi Biscardo: Ripasso

Campo Lindo Chicken $35

Boneless chicken leg, house oatmeal stout vinegar reduction, lemon cream, La Quercia prosciutto, charred broccoli raab, crispy brussels sprouts, watercress, cilantro, shoestring sweet potato

suggested wine pairing – Domaine des Chazelles Vire Clesse; Macon, France  

Winter Forest Steak $39

 pear vinegar/cedar oil vinaigrette dressed arugula, vanilla butter carrot and parsnip, pine needle/black raspberry essence, whole wheat spaetzle

suggested wine pairing – J L Chave “Mon Coeur” Cotes du Rhone

Bass and Crawdads $39

Poached Hybrid Striper Bass filet, crawdad tails, softshell crawdad, cat fish, corn broth, potato, red pepper, scallions, basil,

exotic spice scented carrot

suggested wine pairing – Famille Perrin Cotes-du-Rhone Blanc

 Barham Farms Duck Breast $36

Five spice, Aronia berry, Mike Martin rice/ quinoa blend, cauliflower, scallion, chard, cumin scented beet, drugstore spicy mustard

suggested wine pairing - Chateau Coupe-Roses Minervois “La Bastide”

Westover Trout $35

honey/garlic/sorghum / ginger glaze, bourbon chamomile sweet potato purée, Chinese cabbage carrot fennel medley, smoked horseradish, spiced puffed rice

Lucien Albrecht Cremant d’Alsace Brut Rosé




** gluten free

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