First Course

Broccoli Rice Potato Chip Casserole Tribute $15

Rillette of Barham Farms duck, broccoli/Shatto Dairy 'Plattsburg' risotto, sunchoke vinaigrette dressed fennel fronds/parsley, potato straw nest

Domaine des Chazelles Viré-Clessé Chardonnay

Hybrid Striper Bass Crudo $25**

lemongrass compressed pear, lemon vinaigrette, kale acting like seaweed with powders of fermented cabbage and sweet potato, emulsion of pear, ginger, lemongrass

 Sans Liege “Groundwork” Grenache Blanc

Scallion Pasta $14

duck egg pasta, ribboned zuccini, garlic, shallot, Shatto Wexford broth, heirloom tomato powder, turmeric pickled scallion hearts, seasoned crispy oyster mushroom

Raptor Ridge Pinot Gris


Smoked Bass and Egg on Brioche $15

Freshwater bass, green onion, celery, potato, house made brioche toast, soft Campo Lindo egg, Shatto “Plattsburg” cheese gels
Ramey Chardonnay

Pig Heart $16

Pig heart, bok choy, green onion, mushroom, carrot/parsnip/turnip purée, pan vinaigrette

Marchesi Biscardo: Ripasso

 Farmer’s Platter $24 (for 2 people) or $40 (for 4)

house made sausage, house smoked Berkshire bacon, bone marrow, wild persimmon seed rabbit terrine, pickled and grilled vegetables, fried pig skins, house herbed cheese spread
Las Colinas Del Ebro Garnacha Blanca

** gluten free

Second Course


Bacon Wrapped Livers $14

milk cured chicken livers, lemon dressed kale, crispy onion strips, savory crème anglaise

Gustave Lorentz Gewürztraminer Reserve

Goat Cheese Salad $10

chamomile vinaigrette, arugula, goat cheese, crispy parsnip, pearl onion

 Revelry Riesling

Horseradish Blue $12**

arugula, parsley, mustard/horseradish, blue cheese, tomato gelée, crispy new potatoes, potato glass, caramelized white chocolate

Vietti Moscato D’Asti

 Missouri ‘Caesar’ $14**

charred romaine, cured Westover Farms trout (acting like anchovy) dressing, catfish ‘croutons’, Shatto ‘Lily’ cheese

Disruption Rosé

Smoked Sweet Potato $12**

sweet potato puree, arugula, celery, parsnip ribbons,

pear vinegar ice, toasted hemp

Disruption Rosé




**gluten free


Third Course

Vegetable Risotto with Shaved Shatto "Lily" Cheese $16 **

changes seasonally

Merlin Cherrier Sancerre

 Berkshire Pork 2 Ways v.21 $36

Dandelion wine/persimmon glazed chop, grilled onion/ charred carrot purée, rich stock cooked celery root and rutabaga, bacon green beans

Albert Bichot Pinot Noir

Chicken $35

Boneless Campo Lindo chicken leg, house tonic spice syrup, endive, snow pea, English pea, crisp potato, honeyed MO black walnut oil, fermented spring garlic/ ginger pea cream

Gustave Lorentz Gewürztraminer Reserve


Forest Steak $39

pear vinegar/cedar oil vinaigrette dressed arugula, vanilla butter carrot and parsnip, pine needle/black raspberry essence, whole wheat spaetzle

J L Chave “Mon Coeur” Cotes du Rhone

Freshwater Hybrid Bass and Crawfish $36

Hybrid Striper bass, catfish, soft shell crawfish, fennel/tomato broth, pollen, saffron aioli

Famille Perrin Côtes-du-Rhône blanc


 Barham Farms Duck Breast $36

Five spice, Aronia berry, Mike Martin rice/ quinoa blend, cauliflower, scallion, chard, cumin scented beet, drugstore spicy mustard

Chateau Coupe-Roses Minervois “La Bastide”

Missouri Trout $35

Parsley cream, green onion/parsnip pancake, strawberry/pepper sauce,

herbed strawberry, micro salad

Las Colinas del Ebro Garnatxa Blanca





** gluten free

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